The Pure Love e-book is here!

And it's on sale... Whether you use a Kindle, I-Pad or Nook - Pure Love, Pure Life is on sale for $3.99 at all the major e-outlets. Sale is on … [Continue reading]

My white-knuckled grip on virginity

I didn’t get it. I thought staying pure was just about being a virgin. Whatever happened, I just needed to make sure I stayed a virgin. I could do … [Continue reading]

The man at the end of the pew

I shared this on my regular blog, God has Dimples. I share it here, too, because it's Valentine's Day and I think some of you may need to be reminded … [Continue reading]

The Artist

Sixty hours of work for a giant frozen bear – a bear so detailed that you could see his teeth, count his hairs and admire his claws. A bear that … [Continue reading]

When the guy calls…

It’s him. Your cell phone rings and you know it’s him, the guy you’ve been thinking about nonstop for two days. You thought he would text first, open … [Continue reading]

Today is the day!

Happy Pure Life Day! I'm so grateful for you! I love that you are choosing to stand for our God - saying yes to all the amazing things he has in … [Continue reading]

Going wacky over a guy?

From our Ask Away forum: So my question is, simply, how do you guard your heart from going overly wacky about a guy? I feel like I struggle with … [Continue reading]

Is it too late for me?

From our “Ask Away” option (if you have a question you’d like to see as a post, click here and ask away!) Today’s question: If you have been … [Continue reading]

The Virgin Diaries – what do you think?

I read an article in the Vancouver Sun recently. Here's a little clip: "Confessions of a 29-year-old virgin." That's the title of the emotionally … [Continue reading]

It’s here! Will you sign our Pure Life pledge?

It's done! We just posted the purity pledge for the Pure Love, Pure Life book. If you click here, you can sign it. Or copy and paste this URL to … [Continue reading]