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Mallory says: I grew up in a Christian home, a pastor’s home in fact. I’ve been in Bible studies, church services, conferences – you name it – and I’ve pretty much heard it all when it comes to the subject of purity. As a 22-year-old, I feel like a lot of what I’ve heard over the years is outdated and comes from people who haven’t really “been there” or “experienced” the world I live in. A world of temptation and a world where purity isn’t always the most “popular” option. Elsa’s book on purity really hit home with me. I love how she is transparent about her own journey and real about the struggles teens face today…

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This book doesn’t preach to the reader. The author has “been there and done that”. She wants to keep others from making the same mistakes. She gives great examples of how and why to stay sexually pure. I would definitely recommend this book for teenagers before or after they start dating. This book will help parents get a better understanding of how to discuss boy/girl relationships with their children. The most important point that Elsa makes is that because you haven’t always lead a pure life it doesn’t mean you can start living it now. The saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!”  holds true.

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I am a huge fan of this book and give this one my highest recommendations for teen girls and young adult women.

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Or check out all the reviews on Amazon, including: I absolutely loved this book. I’m 20 and it felt like I was talking to someone who really loved me instead of reading about how I should do a, b, and c so I can be loved. This book is very well written and it really helped me understand the WHY behind the WHAT.

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