Saying yes…

You’re passionate.

You have incredible ideas.

When you get something in your head, nothing can stop you.

So instead of thinking about all the things you can’t or shouldn’t do, why not pour all that energy and life into changing the world?

The following is a list of outreaches that were started in honor of teens we’ve lost. The first one is in honor of my nephew Caleb – he was just 17 when he went to heaven after a car accident. The second ministry is in honor of a close friend’s son – his name is Connor and his parents started an outreach in his name as well.

So what can you do to partner with Caleb and Connor?

You can raise money.

You can raise awareness.

Read the summaries below. If you want to find out more about these ministries, visit their website and get the details. If you see something that resonates with you, use your particular gifts and strengths to come up with creative and outlandish fund-raising ideas. Sell chocolate bars and refreshments on a Saturday morning at the soccer fields. Check with your pastor and then put a change jar in the church lobby and let folks know about the issues that get your heart pounding and your passion stirring.

If that feels too big right now, start small. Raise awareness by buying one of the ministry wristbands from the store and encouraging others to do the same. (All proceeds of the bands will go to the individual ministries.)

On the flip side, if these ideas feel too small to you, go big. Figure out what stirs your compassion or fires up your passion and then start your own ministry. Once it’s up and running with all the appropriate accountability, let us know. We’ll spotlight different ministries throughout the year.

Okay. So here’s more about Caleb and Connor’s legacies:

The Caleb Foundation

First, pictures:

This is me with Caleb and his kid sister, Danielle. They were just little then.

Here's Caleb (at 17) with my daughter and some of his other cousins - just a few days before he went to heaven.


We all miss Caleb terribly. He would have been one of the “Guys Who Care” on this website. He was protective of his sister and of his cousins – and I bet if he had the chance to know you, he would have been protective of you too. In Caleb’s honor, his mom and dad started the Caleb Foundation. The Foundation builds orphanages, helps child soldiers and sweeps in to help in natural disasters. To find out all the details or to donate to the Caleb Foundation, visit their website here. Or remember, every Caleb Foundation wristband you order also supports this amazing ministry. If you decide to donate or help out in other ways, let us know what you’ve done so we can recognize you.

Connor’s Song

First, a picture.

Connor Deal



In honor of Connor’s life, the Deal’s have started a nonprofit called Connor’s Song. In partnership with Touch A Life Foundation, Connor’s Song is an effort to rescue children from modern-day slavery and bring therapeutic help and rehabilitation to their lives. They are also invested in blessing needy children with fun and creative gifts wherever they can. Connor loved children and was a creative, imaginative child; he would love his name being associated with this work. To find out more about Connor’s Song or to donate, click here. And remember, you can purchase a Connor’s Song wristband to raise awareness (all proceeds will go to this important outreach). Finally, don’t forget to let us know how you are contributing so we can recognize you.

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