Will you be mine?

beautiful-hot-pink-red-roseI thought of you today.

I think of you every day, really.

I know sometimes you feel like I’m far away.

I know sometimes you wonder if I care or notice or see.

I do.

I see you. I see your hurt. I care about your longings. I care about your loneliness. I notice. And I want to see you through it all.

Will you look for me today?

Will you see?

Look for me in the beautiful skyline. Notice my love in the song on the radio. Sense me in the vibrant artwork you might normally pass on by. Feel my arms around you through your friend.

I am here. I love you.

I’m creative. My love will be unique to you, but if you look for me, you’ll find me. You’ll hear my strong voice saying, in my own way, “Will you be mine?”

I hope you hear. I hope you see. I hope you answer.

I hope you say “Yes!”

Happy Valentine’s Day beloved. Will you be mine?

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