“I don’t want it!”

“Savannah, it’s time for night-night.”

“I don’t want it!”

“Time for bath…”


“Time for dinner sweet girl. It’s yummy.”

“I don’t want it!”

“Time to buy you lots of new toys, and that condo in Hawaii.”

“No! I don’t want it!”

Savannah is nearly 2 years old, and doesn’t always understand what we’re saying. My husband and I adopted her two years ago, (which explains why you haven’t heard from me in oh, two years. I’ve been absolutely delighting in baby smells (most of them), baby giggles and baby fun). Savannah is our treasure. And she has joyfully discovered the words “No” and “I don’t want it!”


I love Savannah. I would do anything to protect her, care for her, serve her. I’d even jump in front of a train for her (it’d be an odd set of circumstances that would cause that to happen, but you never know).

Savannah, in all her two-year-old glory, is a lot like you and me.

God tells us to do something and we stamp our feet and shake our head. “No! I don’t want it!”

“It’s time for you to hear my heart, beloved.”

“I don’t want it!”

“This relationship you’re pursuing is going to hurt you.”


“I have the best kind of romance for you.”

“I don’t want it!”

“What I offer is better than anything out there…”


We plug our ears to what He’s really saying and we stubbornly go our own way. It’s what we were born to do.

Sometimes we need to stop and think for a minute. Why won’t I listen? Could I be missing something here?

Savannah thinks we’re robbing her of good when we say no. You secretly want me to go to bed because you are cruel, I knew it! I’m not even tired.

You say dinner is yummy but you really want to feed me prunes and beets, don’t you? I know what kind of people you are.

At two years old, she is fairly confident that she knows what’s best for her. And in those moments, she thinks her mom and dad have some parenting issues they need to address.

I can relate.

I often think I know what’s best for me.

And can then question God’s character, his goodness or wisdom.

God loves me. God loves you. He has a best for us. The boundaries he sets around our lives are never about robbing us of the fun we think we want. It’s always about our protection, our care, our best.

He would jump in front of a train for you and me.

He would die on a cross for you and me.

Oh wait, he did that. He really did that. It’s not just an old story in an ancient book. It’s a today reality.

No denying that kind of love.

Will we listen?

What is he saying to you today?


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  1. Love it, Elsa! I’m so glad to hear your voice again. This really resonated with me today, not really on the subject of purity, but just on life circumstances in general. My spirit is so “two”!!

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