Never alone

Joseph was a good guy.

He loved God and did the right thing. When an older (married) woman tried to put the moves on him, he ran out of the house – so fast that he left his cloak behind. Unfortunately, the woman was so mad she told everyone that Joseph had actually tried to put the moves on her – and showed them the cloak as proof.

Poor Joseph. He tried to do everything right, and was thrown in prison for his efforts.

Totally unfair. Completely wrong.

The same thing can happen to us. We can do the right thing: say “no” when everyone else is saying yes, stand up for someone when no one else does, stick our necks out to love God no matter what.

And then things can fall apart.

People get mad or misunderstand or make fun of us. A relationship ends because we try to stay pure or friends pull away because they just don’t get it.

We think things should go well, but sometimes life gets messy when we do the right thing.

But look at what God did with Joseph:

The LORD was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love (Genesis 39:21).

Joseph may have faced the cruelty of others, but he didn’t face it alone. God was right there with him. God showed him his love. I wonder what that was like… did Joseph feel that warm sense that God was right there with him? Did he have the kind of amazing dream he didn’t want to wake up from? Did the sun suddenly shine through his prison bars and land on his smiling face?

I love to imagine.

God loves you. He’s proud of the decisions you are choosing to make. So hold on to him. His love will see you through no matter what.

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  1. And then, he was in just the right place, at just the right time, to help his entire family not to starve. And he extended forgiveness and made the comment that what man meant for harm, God used for good. This story has been so incredibly helpful as I walk the aftermath of some nasty false accusations. God is faithful, He never leaves our sides, and His plans are perfect.

  2. thank you GOD for using YOUR vessels to speak to me!<333

  3. I love this!! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing, and for spreading your knowledge and love of God’s word. I rejoice everytime I get one of your emails in my inbox, and I wish they showed up there more! 🙂

    your posts are my source of inspiration… thanks so much!

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