Temptations and Grace

Sometimes our pup Simba Roo doesn’t listen.

Like when we tell her not to eat certain things (because they will upset her stomach), she doesn’t usually listen. We say “no,” because we love her. She decides she knows better and eats it anyway.

Like pork chops.

Or chocolate.


Sometimes temptation gets the best of her.

It happened the other night. Simba Roo ate something that messed with her belly. All night long she whimpered. All night long I got up with each whimper, climbed out of bed, stumbled down the stairs and let her outside so she could “relieve” the issue.

She was miserable.

And even though she disobeyed, even though she got herself in that mess, I was right there with her. I felt bad for her belly ache and took care of her through the night.

Because I love her.

God did the same thing. He told Adam and Eve not to eat the apple. They ate the apple. Suddenly they noticed they were naked and freaked out. They were grabbing leaves and branches and all kinds of uncomfortable items to cover up.

God let them face the consequences. He talked about the pain that would come – but then tucked in to verse 21 of the third chapter, it says: “The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.”

Can you picture it? Even though Adam and Eve messed up and did it to themselves, God pulls out a divine sewing kit and gets to work. The God of the universe makes them clothing – warm, comfy, snuggly clothing.


Right there at the beginning of the Bible, grace wraps up God’s people. Would God rather that they had listened? Of course! It was for their best. And yup, they had to face the consequences. But love doesn’t end there. Love doesn’t leave us in our mess. Love gets up in the night. Love sews some clothing together. Love meets us in the middle of our pain, right after the biggest mistake ever and says… I’m here.

Thank you, Lord, for meeting us here.

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  1. very encouraging 🙂 <3

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