Everybody else is doing it!

I used to look around and feel discouraged. People who said they believed in God were doing their own thing, writing their own rules and living just like everybody else. Does faith really make a difference? I wondered. Does it really change anything?

I lived in that place of disappointment for a season. What’s the point? No one else is living this. Why should I?

Then I felt like God nudged my heart. I’m the point. Oh, it wasn’t an audible thing, but I felt like he was showing me something very important. Rather than use the bad choices of other people to justify my own bad choices, why not allow them to stir a passion in me to be different? To be one who really does reflect what faith can do?

God was reminding me to take my eyes off of others and keep them focused on him. That even if no one else chose to follow his ways, I could. And in that, I would get to show other people the amazing beauty of a God who really does change things and a faith that makes all the difference in the world.

God has a best for you. God has a best for your friends. If they aren’t living it, you live it. You show the world how beautiful God’s love is and how much you trust it by the decisions you make and the actions you take.

You’ll be amazed at what unfolds when you do. Not only will you experience God’s delight and blessing, you’ll also get the chance (over and over again), to respond to people who say, “What is so different about you? How do you do it?” You’ll be able to point them to the one who will gladly do the same thing in their hearts.

May it be so.

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Originally posted on SUSIEMagazine.com. To read an excerpt of Pure Love, Pure Life on SUSIEMagazine.com, click here. The excerpt begins after the first paragraph about Pure Life Day.

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  1. Madeline says:

    Exactly how I feel.

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