It’s worth it!

My husband makes me blush, even still. He’ll wrap his arms around me in the middle of the day, just to kiss me on the cheek and tell me he loves me. He’ll text me when he travels and type out sweet nothings as he sits across from me in our shared home office. He’s a wonderful guy—strong, handsome and adventurous. He loves God and he cares about people.

I hit the jackpot.

I know (all the way to my core) that our love wouldn’t be as deep or sweet if we hadn’t trusted God in living out this pure life. I’m not just talking about saying no to sex while dating, I’m talking about our devotion to God, our mutual desire to love others and serve them, our heart to do the right thing… not to follow a rule, but out of our love for the God who had rescued us.

It wasn’t easy. Especially staying pure sexually while we dated. We wanted to throw in the towel (or tear it off… if you get my drift), more than one time. Our emotions teased us, our longings ran deep. But together we fought off sexual temptation and did our best to remember the incredible love that called us to that lifestyle. As we’ve loved God together, we’ve kept on this pure path – even into marriage. Oh, we enjoy one another sexually, but I’m talking about all the other components of pure living. We’re living our faith. We’re pure in our love for each other. We’re faithful and true to our marriage. We are crazy about each other’s heart and each other’s body.

This pure living thing is AMAZING.

I know, I know. I used to read stories just like the one I’m sharing and roll my eyes. I didn’t believe it, and I felt like the person was painting way too rosy a picture for reality. I figured they were making up the ooey gooey stuff to get me to follow their path.

Now I’m the one spilling ooey gooey all over the place.

Oh, my husband and I have had our struggles and hardships. It’s not like our marriage has been a series of romantic escapades on a remote Caribbean island (although we’ve had some of those).  But it’s wonderful. It’s comforting in the midst of tears. It’s stable in the midst of chaos. It’s romantic in the midst of bad hair days and morning breath.

True godly romance is out there to enjoy and delight in… and pure living paves the way for our hearts to experience it. Fight this good fight. Even if you’ve made some poor choices in the past, choosing differently from this day forward can make all the difference.

It’s worth it.

For more of the amazing marital benefits of pure living, check out Chapter 10 (Better than Fairy Tales) of Pure Love, Pure Life, Exploring God’s Heart on Purity by Elsa Kok Colopy.

Originally posted on To read an excerpt of Pure Love, Pure Life on, click here. The excerpt begins after the first paragraph about Pure Life Day.

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