What’s the harm, anyway?


The story opens: girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. Girl is strangely attracted because boy is a bad boy. Even though she’s heard all the advice, she’s drawn like a moth to a flame. She knows the best romance happens when there’s a little bad boy spark. Boy falls for girl, and only girl … [Continue reading]

Will you be mine?


I thought of you today. I think of you every day, really. I know sometimes you feel like I'm far away. I know sometimes you wonder if I care or notice or see. I do. I see you. I see your hurt. I care about your longings. I care about your loneliness. I notice. And I want to see you … [Continue reading]

What do I tell him?

From our "ask away" forum: My best guy friend is currently in a relationship. He is almost 16 and she is 13. She has told him she wants to lose her … [Continue reading]

“I don’t want it!”


“Savannah, it’s time for night-night.” “I don’t want it!” “Time for bath…” “No!” “Time for dinner sweet girl. It’s yummy.” “I don’t … [Continue reading]

Never alone

Joseph was a good guy. He loved God and did the right thing. When an older (married) woman tried to put the moves on him, he ran out of the house – … [Continue reading]

Temptations and Grace


Sometimes our pup Simba Roo doesn’t listen. Like when we tell her not to eat certain things (because they will upset her stomach), she doesn’t … [Continue reading]

Heroine unaware

I posted this on my Dimples blog, but wanted to share it here as well. Living purity is a lot of different things. One aspect of purity is celebrating … [Continue reading]

Everybody else is doing it!

I used to look around and feel discouraged. People who said they believed in God were doing their own thing, writing their own rules and living just … [Continue reading]

Get Susie Mag on the shelf at Wal-Mart!

Join us in helping our friends at Susie magazine!! Susie is a great read for teen girls. Written from a godly perspective, Susie talks about things … [Continue reading]

It’s worth it!

My husband makes me blush, even still. He’ll wrap his arms around me in the middle of the day, just to kiss me on the cheek and tell me he loves me. … [Continue reading]